sidelifter tankcontainer1Question: What is a Sidelifter, and what can it do?

Answer: A Sidelifter is a specialized, hydraulic, container-lifting trailer. It can pick up, transport, transfer from trailer to trailer, or trailer to surface, and set down loaded containers with minimal shifting of contents.


Question: Can you move or transport a loaded container?

Answer: YES!!!!


Question: How much weight can a Sidelifter lift?

Answer: The Sidelifter has a maximum lifting capacity of 72,000 lbs.


Question: How much weight can you transport over the highway?

Answer: The legal allowable weight we can transport over the highway is 80,000 lbs.


Question: How much do you charge?

Answer: Within a 200-mile radius, the charge is $200.00 per hour with a 2 hour minimum ($400), per container during the week, a 10-hour minimum for Saturdays, and a 12-hour minimum for Sundays. Outside a 200-mile radius, the charge is $5.50 per mile.


Question: What types of payment does Sidelifter take?

Answer: Deliveries are C.O.D. We accept cash, business checks, and credit cards. A 4% fee is charged for credit card payments. Company P.O.s are acceptable but must be approved prior to services rendered. All information for payment must be on file with our office. Click here to download our one-time credit card authorization form.


Question: Does Sidelifter service both commercial and residental customers?

Answer: Yes. Sidelifter will pick up and deliver storage container boxes to and from residential and commercial properties. Please see our Clearances page for requirements our trucks need to complete the job.


Question: Do I get a confirmation that my order or quote has been received?

Answer: Your service will be confirmed via email from Sidelifter and scheduling will be done within 24 hours, excluding weekends. If necessary you may receive a phone call from us.


Question: Will I receive a paper receipt upon pick-up or delivery?

Answer: Your receipt for pick-up or delivery is emailed to you upon completion of services and receipt of payment. No paper receipts are provided.


Please note:
 - We do not remove roll-off bins.

 - There cannot be an air conditioning unit on the end of the container.

 - Container box must have 4 corner castings (see Clearances page).