Watch video of Sidelifter in action.

Sidelifter will pick up your loaded or empty ISO container, transport it on our air-ride tractor and trailer to where you want it to go, then set it down exactly where you want it set down, all without tilting or dropping your container, and with minimal shifting of the contents.


With our sidelifting method of ISO sea shipping container moving, we avoid the traditional method of sliding a connex container off the end of a trailer and then dropping the shipping container on the ground. With Sidelifter, there will be little opportunity for damage to the contents of your ISO container, since your container is not being tilted or dropped during pick-up, transport, and delivery.


double stack containers

We will double-stack containers on the ground, and/or place your container on top of another container to be transported to another part of the state or country. We will also deliver your container to any port for shipment to another state or country.

Why Sidelifting is Better:

  • Horizontal lifting rather than traditional tilt-loading
  • Less shifting of the conex container's contents
  • Containers can be easily double-stacked
  • Easy transfers to flatbeds or chassis trucks
  • Commercial, Residential, Construction
  • Mobile offices, Storage tank containers
sidelifter cab

Not ready for delivery? No problem. Sidelifter can store your containers securely until you are ready for them. We'll arrange a convenient time to schedule delivery. For any questions, Contact Us.