Question: What is a Sidelifter and what can it do?

Answer: A Sidelifter is a specialized, hydraulic, container-lifting trailer. It can pickup, transport, transfer from trailer to trailer or trailer to surface and set down loaded containers with minimal shifting of contents.

Question: Can you move or transport a loaded container?

Answer: YES!!!!

Question: How much weight can a Sidelifter lift?

Answer: The Sidelifter has a maximum lifting capacity of 72,000 lbs.

Question: How much weight can we transfer over the highway?

Answer: The legal allowable weight we can transport over the highway is 40,000 lbs. including the weight of the container itself for a combined gross weight of 80,000 lbs.

Question: How much do we charge?

Answer: Within a 200-mile radius, the charge is $150.00 per hour, plus 15% or any applicable fuel surcharge with a 2 hour minimum during the week, 8 hours minimum for Saturdays and 10 hours minimum for Sundays. Outside a 200-mile radius, the charge is $3.50 a mile which includes a fuel surcharge.



Now serving the 7 Western states Including Los Angeles!

We offer precision placement and transport of loaded or empty ISO sea containers.


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